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We are proud to be the go-to destination for custom screen printing and embroidery to both local and national businesses.

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We pride ourselves in being perfectionists! Every detail is meticulously reviewed before your product is delivered.

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We know that you not only need a great finished product but also a cost effective one. This is why we offer affordable base rates.

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Custom Screen Printing North Vancouver

We understand the importance of producing promotional materials that stand out, this is why we offer hundreds of different garments, accessories and promotional products. We have 37 stock ink colours to choose from and we can match virtually any other colour using the Pantone matching system. We can take any vision to production and offer outstanding results.

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Screen & T-shirt Printing in Vancouver

Create your custom t-shirts and screens today! Grab the attention of your target audience in no time. These t-shirts can be worn anytime and anywhere, and it is less likely that the person who wears one will get unnoticed.

T-shirts, Jerseys, hoodies, headwear, and bags with custom screen printing in Vancouver help businesses, schools, and sports teams to stand out. Since thousands of new businesses are started every year, it is really challenging for businesses to get the attention of their prospective buyers. Companies try various ways to hold the attention of their target audience, and using these items is one of them. They create custom t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and bags with their company logos and names, and distribute them to their staff, clients, and prospective clients. Along with branding, these custom items help in creating a company culture in their organizations, too. Likewise, custom t-shirts, jersey, shirts, and hoodies help sports teams and schools to get people’s attention as well as to develop a strong emotional bond in players and students.

Get West Graphics provides screen printing in Vancouver, Canada. We are a team of well-trained and experienced professionals in t-shirt printing in Vancouver. Offering the best quality embroidery and screen printing Vancouver on a wide variety of fabrics and clothing to help our clients stand out is our commitment. To ensure the best results, we create quality mockups and then send them to you for your approval. Once you nod, our t-shirt printing experts implement them.

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