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Custom Embroidery Vancouver

Great West Graphics is a Vancouver based company specializes in custom embroidery. We’re located on East Kent South Avenue just south of Marine Drive in Vancouver. Our embroiderers are executing embroidery on variety of clothing and accessories. This list include polo, hoodies, jackets, caps, toques, hats, tote, bags and many more.


In order to create a beautifully embroidered garment, there are a number of very detail driven steps involved.

Our Design Process

Review: Our team looks for the Very tedious but necessary, our team looks for the finest details, gradients and small lettering that may have a difficult time translating. 

Digitizing: With the use of specialized software for virtual drawing, we translate digital art files into stitches. A process that maps the stitches for the final design.

Sew Out: Minimizing room for error, our team creates an actual stitched out sample to assure that the work is sound, and if necessary, making any tweaks or adjustments before sending to you for approval.

Hooping & Clamping: In order to stabilize the garment, we apply a device to load the garment uniformly and securely.

Run The Lines: We produce your order using multiple heads simultaneously. Sometimes up to 15 at a time.

Trimming: Once sewn, we remove the excess backing from the garment embroidered design.

Steaming: Making sure to eliminate possible excess rings from the hoop,we steam your garments in order to return them to their pre-embroidered appearance.

Folding & Bagging: In order to protect the garment from potential damage from shipping, we make sure to carefully fold and bag each embroidered item. 

Why Our Custom Embroidery Vancouver Services?

When it’s about custom embroidery in Vancouver, our experience speaks volumes. With ovver 35 years of dedicated service, we have perfected the art of translating your ideas to embroidered reality. Our skilled team of artisans ensures your brand’s shines with each stitch.

High Quality, Stitch by Stitch

Quality is priority in our world. Our threads and  stitching guarantee a high-quality outcome. The machinery results in a final product that stands for over years.

Limitless Options

Choosing Great West Graphics means embracing creativity without bounds. Our  embroidery techniques enable us to translate your designs to reality with palettes and textures.

Fast Delivery

We grasp the significance of time and respect deadlines. Our efficient proccesses and skilled team ensure projects are completed on time. Your satisfaction motivates us.

Start Your Custom Embroidery Journey Today!

Elevate your brand with our unique custom embroidery services in Vancouver.  Embrace the effect of personalized branding from headwears to jackets, polos to patches with Great West Graphics!

To see our works in custom embroidery, head over to our social media pages, where we regularly post images of work. Click on the following links to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you need information in regards to our embroidery process, please see our blog to find out more about us. The selection of garments and products is located on our website.

If you’re in Vancouver, feel free to check us out for some custom embroidery.


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