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Screen Printing Vancouver

Quality Screen Printing Vancouver

Great West Graphics provides custom screen printing service in Vancouver. We do quality printing on T shirts, hoodies, tank tops, bags, umbrellas and much more. Above all, we specialize in custom screen printing, custom embroidery, promotional products.

We’re located at the southern part of Vancouver parallel to Fraser River and Marine Way. Our showroom consists of different types of apparel, in which we are able to customize in any shape or form. If you’re feeling confused or uncertain, stop by our location where our friendly sales representatives will gladly help you pick out the type of apparel and logo placement. Not only do we strive to provide great customer service but we also aim to produce quality prints that will blow you away. Furthermore, our printers have been in the business for over 20 years, their experience and skill has garnered praised from those in the community that has purchased from us. We assure that our printers are the best of the best in lower mainland.

Screen Printing Vs. Digital Printing

Designs on apparel vary from size to colour. As a result, we must utilize different methods of printing in order to print on garments. Our shop in Vancouver consists of two automatic screen printing machines and two manual printing machines. These machines allow us to produce high quantity of prints within a short amount of time. Therefore, we are able to meet very tight deadlines that clients have.

The difference between screen printing and digital printing is the amount of colours that each are able to produce. With screen printing, we are able to print designs that contain around 7 colours. With digital printing, we are able to match colour to colour with the artwork provided. For this reason, many clients who want to print colourful artworks or pictures will choose to have their shirts digitally printed. On the other hand, clients who have logos with minimal colours, they will choose to have their shirts screen printed.

All in all, both screen printing and digital printing will produce prints that will last after wash. Ultimately it depends on what is being printed that requires decision making between these two methods. If you’re unsure of which printing method, feel free to contact us or visit our showroom, as our wonderful sales representatives will eagerly help.

How We Print

Over the years we’ve perfected our skill in screen printing in Vancouver. We developed a routine that not only prevents errors from happening but is also quick as well. With screen printing, we first receive the design that needs to be printed. Generally, we use vectorized files or images over 300dpi to print. Below is a video of our printing process, from blank shirts to printed shirts.


We serve communities like North Vancouver. We also do Masks printing. Please watch the below video to find out our printing process. You can check us on Facebook, Instagram

If you’re in Vancouver and is in need of custom screen printing, we hope to see you soon.

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