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Artwork Information

Since most of the artwork that passes through Great West Graphics is destined to be printed on garments, there are certain requirements and formats that are better suited for screen printing. Below you’ll find our artwork guideline and stock colour PDFs. Our art department is able to accept nearly all conventional graphic and layout file formats from both Mac and Windows platforms.

Guidance for Artwork:

When it comes to designing the clothing and other products, Great West Graphics’s expert artist always offer advice as much as possible to customers. Our staff is passionate about what we do and ensuring garments are printed to a high quality is our biggest priority. 

Our artwork expert provide full consulatation and advice graphics design placements, changes and dimensions where needed. We know that deciding on what to print and where is a big decision. So our team is always on hands to give you advice to help make those important decisions. Just review below and send us the artwork that you have. We will provide expert artwork guidance to help you achieve all of your printing requirements. 

Screen Printing: Simply put, the artwork must always adapt to the final format. Printing onto fabrics is not the same as printing on paper. It is also important to keep in mind the final technique as these also have different requirements. Screen printing is a very old printing technique that uses mesh screens to print onto fabrics. Which is why it is necessary when creating artwork for it to separate colors into different layers.

Digital Printing: DTG is a relatively new printing technique that works pretty much like any other printer. It injects ink directly into the fabric instead of layering it on top. It’s really good at recreating small details so make sure the file is of the highest possible quality (at least 300 d.p.i.).

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