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Can I get free shipping?

Yes for orders over $300 will be shipped free to anywhere in Canada and United States.

Where can you ship to?

Anywhere in Canada and United States.

What are your hours of operation?

8:30am – 4:30pm PST Monday – Friday

Can I organize a carrier to pick up my package?

Yes, please contact our office for more instructions.

Can you guys do Drop Shipping?

Yes, we do drop shipping which includes blind shipping on third party’s behalf.

Can I create a merchandise store?

Yes, we can help you create a merchandise store. Please contact the office for instructions.

How does a merchandise store work?

A merchandise store displays a select number of products which are chosen by the client and can be ordered from the store. For example, a high school creates a merchandise store on our website for its grad wear. Students from that high school access the merchandise store and can place orders of products of their liking. An important note however is that we are not a print on demand service and we only print in bulks. For more information please contact us.

How many products can I add to the merchandise store?

We have no specific number however we recommend on minimizing the selection available to reduce turn around times as well as increasing the volume discount you receive.

What is a vectorized file vs rasterized file?

Rasterized images are composed of pixels which are of various colors to create an image while vectorized images are created using paths or continuous lines. Essentially, vectorized images can be scaled to very large amounts and will not lose quality while scaling a rasterized image will make an image blocky as the individual pixels become larger and easier to see. Thus for printing purposes, a vector image is used to keep the quality.

Do you do colour matching?

Yes we can match any colour.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do for certain businesses and not for profit.

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