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Custom Masks Vancouver: Rush Service

Screen Printing on Masks

With more and more people returning to offices and regular work days, the use of masks has become a daily routine for many. companies are contacting Great West Graphics on how to provide custom masks to their employees. Here at Great West Graphics, we provide custom masks in through several methods of customizations for businesses, students and organizations in Vancouver. Our staff feel proud to provide rush and quality services of screen printed masks to our customers in Vancouver.

The first method of customization is screen printing. Screen printing directly infuses ink to masks which creates a permanent print. This is extremely beneficial for printing masks because of the constant washing that is required. The type of artwork/logo that suits printing on masks the best is logos with minimal colours in the range of 1-2. That being said, this is the our most recommended method of customizing masks.

Embroidery on Masks

The second method of customization is embroidery. Embroidery is the use of thread creating the artwork/logo on the garment. Embroidery works best when the logo/artwork has no small details or text. The simplicity of the logo and eloquent looks that embroidery produces generates a long lasting yet appealing custom mask.

Heat Transfer

The third method to make custom mask is heat transfer. Heat transfer are artworks transferred onto a vinyl sheet, which is then heat pressed onto a piece of fabric, in this case, onto masks. Heat transfers works best with intricate logos such as ones with a lot of details, colours, or small text. You are also able to wash heat transfer masks as they can sustain a lot of sessions of washes, which is beneficial to masks.

Where to Purchase Masks

Many retail stores are selling masks/face covers as we try to combat the severity of COVID-19. There are many things to consider when purchasing masks, such as sizing, colour, comfortability, and fit. Therefore Great West Graphics carries a wide range of reusable masks that customizes with screen printing or embroidery. To see the masks that we have, please click on the following link or you can come by our shop to see the quality of the custom masks in Vancouver office. Our ability to print on masks is 2k-3k in a day because we use automatic machine for printing.

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